ATP World Tour Finals

ATP World Tour Finals

The ATP World Tour Final is season-ending tournament in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour, featuring top eight singles players and doubles teams of the ATP Rankings. The championship was first held in 1970 and was part of the Grand Prix Tennis Circuit. Now it is the second most prestigious world wide competition in tennis after the Grand Slam tournaments. ATP World Tour Final winners are awarded up to 1500 rankings points. Since 2017 Nitto Denko is a title sponsor of the tournament.

ATP World Tour Finals past champions

ATP World Tour Final Venues:

Tokyo: 1970 (Men's Singles and Doubles)

In 2002 Tennis Masters Cup Men's Doubles tournament not held.

Paris: 1971 (Men's Singles)

Barcelona: 1972 (Men's Singles)

Boston: 1973 (Men's Singles)

Melbourne: 1974 (Men's Singles)

In 1971-1974 Masters Grand Prix Men's Doubles tournament not held.

Stockholm: 1975 (Men's Singles and Doubles)

Houston: 1976 (Men's Singles and Doubles), 2003-2004 (Men's Singles and Doubles)

New York: 1977-1985 (Men's Singles and Doubles), 1986-1989 (Men's Singles)

Frankfurt: 1990-1995 (Men's Singles)

Gold Coast: 1990 (Men's Doubles)

Johannesburg: 1991-1993 (Men's Doubles)

Jakarta: 1994 (Men's Doubles)

Eindhoven: 1995 (Men's Doubles)

Hanover: 1996-1999 (Men's Singles)

Hartford: 1996-1999 (Men's Doubles)

Lisbon: 2000 (Men's Singles)

Bangalore: 2000-2001 (Men's Doubles)

Sydney: 2001 (Men's Singles)

Shanghai: 2002 (Men's Singles), 2005-2008 (Men's Singles and Doubles)

In 2002 Tennis Masters Cup Men's Doubles tournament not held.

London: 1986-1989 (Men's Doubles), 2009-2018 (Men's Singles and Doubles)

tournament names in previous years

1970 - 1989
Masters Grand Prix
1989 - 1999
ATP Tour World Championships
2000 - 2008
Tennis Masters Cup
2009 - 2018
ATP World Tour Final